S 115 Tersen II

Build: 1924
Design: K.E. Sjögren
Skipper: Jacob Hagberg
Crew: Johanna Josefsson, Henrik Edberg
Yacht Club: SSG

Tersen II was designed by K.E Sjögren and built at Kungsör shipyard by Schelin in 1924. She was ordered by the brothers of the shipbuilder. She was designed a meter longer but the shipbuilder thought she would be uncomfortably thin to step onto and simply made her a meter shorter. K.E Sjögren supposedly approved when he saw her. Its also said that she got her name after being hit by a passing timber tow in 1925 and so she got a “ters” and therefore the name Tersen.

The rumours says she won the Feychtings cup at the1930 European week over 8 other nations but that was with a different mast than the present one. The present owner has had her since 1990 and sailed her at the European cup in 2012 and 2016.