SWE231 Jolly

Build: 1920
Design: K-E Sjögren
Skipper: Bobby Cyrus
Crew: Mats Arrhénborg, TBA
Yacht Club: TBA

Jolly is built in 1920 in Gröndal according to the 1916 rule and sailed for many years as SL 208. She was measured as Sk30 as late as the beginning of this century and given the number SWE231

Jolly was updated for racing in 2008 with new deck equipment, winches, sails etc. However, the expected successes in racing did not materialize and Jolly was sold to become a day sailor in the St Anna archipelago for a number of years. In 2020 Bobby Cyrus and Mats Arrhénborg saved her from the faces of the elements when she was in poor condition. She is now totally refitted and in good condition.

The expectations for the 2024 Europe Cup are that it will be a light-wind regatta, as Jolly has the best conditions for a good position at approx. 2 m/s wind. Apart from practicing boat handling and different tactics, etc., the most difficult choices before the Europe Cup still concerns Jolly’s tender boat… Will it be Ivar Kreuger’s motorboat ”Loris” or will it be the Sk95 S-11 ”Irmelin”?