On this page we would like to give you some recommendations and links to resources for participants arriving with trailer.

Arrival to Stockholm and launching

We will launch the boats at Bullandö Marina on Monday the 5th of August or Tuesday the 6th of August. Launching and lifting will be at a fixed timeslot handed out to each individual yacht. Scheduling of your individual slot for launching and lift should be done here:
Link to registration for launching.
Please, do not contact the Marina yourself, all contacts should go trough the organizers (mail in the end of this page).

The cost for the launch + lift including paring of trailer and car will be 1 900 SEK.

It is our recommendation that you plan to arrive to Bullandö Marina no later than 14:00 since the last launch will be at 16:00. Schedule at least 60 minutes’ drive from Stockholm to Bullandö. There is plenty of small cities south of Stockholm where we would recommend a stop if you like to sleep the night before.

On Monday evening there will be a dinner at Bullandö Krog, a small, dockside restaurant within the Marina.

If you don’t want to sleep in the boat on Monday evening we can recommend Djurönäset Hotel. The hotel is just 5 minutes away by boat and we will help you with transportation. The Sk30 is better protected in Bullandö and we recommend to keep the boat there.

Sailing to Sandhamn

On Tuesday at 12:00 we will jointly sail to Sandhamn. This is a two hour sail and we expect to then spend the afternoon in Sandhamn or try the waters east where we will have the racing.

If you choose to launch on Tuesday the sailing to Sandhamn can happen in Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Returning to Bullandö

After the race, the return to Bullandö could happen during Sunday the 10th of August. There is a possibility to lift during Sunday, at the latest at 15:00. There is also a possibility to lift on Monday from 08:00. This will give some more time to arrange mast and prepare the boat. Maybe also enjoy one day more of sailing in the area.

We hope that this instructions will support your planning process. Reach out to me if you need any advice or suggestions.

Send me an email with your questions: