SWE219 Malin

Built in 1984
Design: Arvid Laurin
Helmsman: Joakim Rodebäck
Crew: Martin Klinga, Christoffer Hellman, Olle Larsson
Club: Traneberg SS

Malin, sailing at Bodensee

Malin was designed by Arvid Laurin for Martin’s father Bertil Klinga and his brother Karl Klinga.  Malin and the sister boat SWE 220 Viktoria were built at the same time by the Klinga brothers during 1983-84. When the boats were ready, they were completely identical, and the families drew lots for the boats. In order to make the moulds for Malin and Viktoria, a wooden hull was built on the same drawing by Karlsro Boatyard and then used as a plug. The plug was completed by Per Sjöhult and became SWE 213 Nelly, which participated for the first time in the European Cup in 1984. Malin has participated in the European Cup many times both in Sweden and on Lake Constance.

The crew is looking forward to sailing together again and to meeting everyone in Sandhamn. In the meantime, the next generation in the Klinga family jealously waits to join, but has to wait a few more years.