SWE240 Nymåne

Build: 2011
Design: Knud H Reimers
Skipper: Bengt Sareyko
Crew: Fredrik Langels and Peter Mickos
Yacht Club: KSSS

Swedish Class Championship 2024

SWE240 Nymåne is a Reimers design from the same mould as SWE225 Gryning and SWE227 Maya based on the cold-moulded SWE222 Natt och Dag from 1987.

The boat has been with the current owner since 2020 and the team was formed in 2023 with roots all the way back to 1979. Bengt have previously raced on SWE225 Gryning and have assembled a team of dinghy sailors to try to master the slightly larger boat. The team is looking forward to race on the open waters outside of Sandhamn and once again challenge the status quo of boat-setup and sail-design.