SWE218 Lii

Built: 1984
Design: Harry Becker
Skipper: Pelle Mineur,
Crew: Urban Bendtz, Mats Johansson, Anders Lövquist
Yacht club: VSS

Photo: Allan Förberg

Lii is one of 7 SK30:s built in the molds made on SK30  210 Renaissance designed by Harry Becker.

Lii was launched for the first time in the early summer of 1984 and took part in the EU-Cup in Arkösund that same summer. Lii has subsequently participated in all Swedish EU-Cups with a 2nd place overall as the best placement.

Lii is amateur built by owner Pelle Mineur with a plastic hull and deck and cabin in the traditional way with deck beams and the deck in plywood and oregon pine and cabin in mahogany.

This year the crew is extra enthusiastic about the sailings and is looking forward to see you all in Sandhamn.