The History of The Europe Cup

The Europe Cup history started as early as 1952 when an international association for 30 square meter Skerry Cruisers was formed with representatives of Germany, Switzerland and Austria called Internationale Vereinigung der 30-m2 Schärenkreuzer-Klasse (IVS, later IV-30).

The following year, a trophy was set up for the Europe Cup and raced for the first time at Genfer See with participants from four countries, Germany, France, England and Switzerland.

It wasn’t until 1980 when Sweden got into the game and the Europe Cup was held in Sandhamn under the leadership of The Royal Swedish Yacht Club. This was a renaissance for the class in Sweden and internationally. It was decided that the Europe Cup was to be sailed every other year in Sweden and every other year in Germany, giving the event its current format.

Since 1980 there has been 19 winners of the Europe Cup in 44 years. The regatta was cancelled once in Germany and in 2020 due to the pandemic.

YearLocationSail NoName of YachtName of SkipperYacht Club
1980SandhamnG 116Bijou IIIFredi WinterhalterJSR
1982BregenzG 126Bijou IVE Rinkenburger/F WinterhalterJSR
1984Arkö/ArkösundG 105MariposaPeter TheileYCRa
1988OxelösundG 115DaydreamMichael BehrenbachYCRa
1990BregenzG 136Rabalder IIMichael BehrenbachYCRa
1992NynäshamnS 225GryningStaffan HolmlundSSHj
1994BregenzG 108Ashanti IIGerd SchubleYCRa
1996OxelösundGER 105MariposaPeter TheileYCRa
1998FriedrichshafenGER 139Bijou VIRolf WinterhalterJSR
2000VästervikGER 105MariposaPeter TheileYCRa
2002FriedrichshafenGER 124FairplayMike RöschYCRa
2004NynäshamnSWE 225GryningStefan LinderSSKä
2006BregenzFRA 1PinchgutPierre-Eric LysRSYS
2008SaltsjöbadenSWE 219MalinMartin KlingaTRASS
2010LangenargenGER 124FairplayMike RöschYCRa
2012NynäshamnGER 153Hunkes IIReinhold BöhlerSVGA
2014BregenzGER 139Bijou VIRolf WinterhalterJSR
2016UppsalaGER 153Hunkes IIReinhold BöhlerSVGA
2018BregenzAUT 113Elisabeth IIKurt HuppenkothenBregenzer SC
2020NynäshamnCancelled due to pandemic
2022Konstanz-StaadGER 139Bijou VIRolf WinterhalterJSR