SWE242 Ruth

Build: 2016 by Zarin / Rodebäck
Design: Knud H Reimers
Skipper: Oscar Ekelund
Crew: Björn Erixon, Martin Johnsson, Per Andersson
Yacht Club: Runmarö Yacht Club

Ruth is based on the mould of SWE 222 Natt och Dag, built för pure racing and further optimized by Joakim Rodebäck with innovative solutions.

The Europe Cup 2024 will be Ruths international debut. Sailed by members of the AlmaViva RacingTeam, where we have our major activities in ORCi racing – international events for bigger keelboats. 

SK30 – as well as ORCi rating rules make it possible for us to participate in international events, which we like. With Ruth we have the best two boat combination. 

Looking forward seeing all of you on the race courses at Sandhamn!